Public Notice | Flushing of the water distribution system in the Downtown and Village areas, as well as ongoing inspection of fire hydrants, until June 24th.

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Boil water notice

A boil water notice may be issued as a preventive measure by the Public Works Department of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant if there is a risk of contamination due to repair work on water mains.

Guidelines when a boil water notice is issued

It is recommended to boil water for one minute or to consume bottled water.

You should use boiled or bottled water to:

  • Prepare beverages, juices, hot drinks.
  • Prepare baby bottles and baby food.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables that will be eaten raw.
  • Prepare food and make ice cubes.
  • Wash your teeth.

When washing dishes, use hot water with detergent and let it dry; For the dishwasher, the hot water cycle ensures disinfection.

You can use non-boiled tap water to:

  • Wash the dishes.
  • Wash clothing (except pale colored fabrics).
  • Take a shower or bath. Make sure children do not swallow water during bathing.

Guidelines when the boil water notice is lifted

When the boil water notice is lifted, you are advised to take the following precautions prior to consuming the water:

  • Open all cold water faucets and allow the water to run for a full minute or until it becomes cold, prior to using it.
  • Discard ice made with water during the period of the boil water advisory.
  • Purge exterior taps, such as watering faucets.
  • For a water treatment device, check the measures to be taken with the manufacturer.


MAPAQ – Avis d’ébullition d’eau (Boil water notice)