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Le rapport final sur les enjeux de développement est maintenant disponible.

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Emergency kit for 72 hours

What to have in your kit:

  • water;
  • food (non-perishable) and a manual can opener;
  • personal articles (copies of birth and marriage certificates, passports, permits and licences, wills, acts of ownership and insurance);
  • a copy of your emergency plan;
  • a wind-up pocket flashlight or one with batteries (and extra batteries);
  • a wind-up or battery-powered radio (and extra batteries);
  • copies of your residence keys and car keys;
  • first-aid kit;
  • cash;
  • personal hygiene items (for all family members);
  • food and medications for your pets;
  • amobile phone and charger.

To purchase a 72-hour kit from the Red Cross or for the full list of articles, click here.