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Storage of hazardous materials

Your home may contain hazardous household products such as cleaning products, nail polish, hair spray, rubbing alcohol, paint, pesticides, propane, pool cleaners, vegetable oil, etc.

Before using these products, move away from sources of heat such as hot surfaces or cigarettes, or anything that produces flames or sparks,.

After using these products:

Discard into a fireproof container any newspapers, rags, plant materials or other materials impregnated with highly flammable household products such as fuels, paint solvents or rubbing alcohol:

Do not throw empty containers into the fire; recycle them or dispose of them in the places provided for this purpose:

Do not drill, cut or weld the product container, even if it is empty:

Never pour hazardous household products into the drain pipes of your home. They can accumulate a static charge capable of creating a spark.


Ministère de la Sécurité publique (in French)