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Cooking fires

Most fires caused by stoves and other cooking appliances occur when foods are being fried.


  • Never leave food to cook unattended.
  • Use a pot whose diameter is larger than or the same as the cooking element.
  • Turn off cooking appliances when you need to leave the kitchen or your home.
  • To fry food, never use a pot; use a CSA- or ULC-approved fryer equipped with a thermostat.

In case of fire

  • Never move containers with flaming contents.
  • Cover the pot with an appropriate cover and cut the electrical or gas supply to the element. Never try to extinguish the fire with water.
  • Close the oven hood (exhaust fan) if it is in operation.
  • Extinguish the fire with your portable fire extinguisher.
  • If the fire is spreading, close windows and doors quickly if you have the time; evacuate your home quickly and call 9-1-1.
  • Never extinguish a cooking fire with water.


Ministère de la Sécurité publique (in French)