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Four mobile apps

Four (4) mobile apps to help you in your gardening


1.   Guide du jardin (in French)

  • It allows a plant search by criteria: specify the type of soil, the level of sunlight, the time of flowering and discover the most adapted plant to your garden!
  • Plus:
    • 7000 adresses of nurserymen near you
    • A schedule to maintain your garden
    • All the gardening gestures illustrated with simple and pedagogical drawings: trim rosemary, weed the massifs, graft the cherry tree…
    • 650 illustrated information sheets about plants
    • A glossary of the main terms of gardening

2.   L'Arrosoir - le jardinage, le potager et les plantes à la portée de tous (in French)

  • Add the plants you own in L’Arrosoir and automatically get an agenda containing all the work to be done on your plants all year round.
  • Plus:
    • Plant advice cards
    • Organizing gardening work using a personal diary
    • Plant care tips

3.   Mon Potager (in French)

  • More specialized, it provides the information needed to grow 70 vegetables, flowers or aromatic herbs, as well as a tool to facilitate crop planning in the vegetables garden.
  • Plus:
    • A calendar showing planting dates with advice, and dates of harvest.
    • Management of several vegetable gardens, over several years and of different dimensions, from 1 x 1 to 9 x 9.
    • Offers monitoring of plantations and crops and an overview of seedlings.
    • Don’t need an Internet connexion to use it.

4.    Jardinage Pocket - 100 % astuces jardinage (in French)

  • Dozens of practical videos on the subject.
  • Plus:
    • Search for complementary and free videos to discover on a mobile phone.
    • Tips and tricks of gardeners.
    • A module to share all your favorite videos with your loved ones.