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Prepare your land and your residence

  • Solidly attach your black, brown and green bins and all outdoor objects or pieces of furniture (e.g., picnic table, barbecue grill, chairs, flower pots) to avoid having them carried away by the flood.
  • In the basement, remove the toilets and seal the drain as well as the basement floor drain using wooden plugs.
  • Unhook the eavestrough downspout if it is attached to a drain leading to the sewer.
  • Move your furniture and personal effects to a higher floor.
  • Place chemical products such as pesticides and solvents in a safe place, that is, safe from the floodwater. If they mix with the water they can contaminate your residence and constitute a danger for your health and that of your family.
  • Protect your heating equipment (electrical, natural gas, oil or propane) from the flood. Contact your supplier in advance to find out what procedure to follow.