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Fire prevention visits

As part of the risk coverage plan and with a view to bringing the MRC des Laurentides plan into play, it has been decided that the primary objective is prevention. To achieve this objective, the Mont-Tremblant Fire Safety Department conducts prevention visits to the premises of both residents and businesses.  

The urban visits will be done mainly on weekend afternoons during the firefighters’ duty periods. For rural areas, the visits will be done mainly during the day on weekdays. The owner or renter should anticipate between 15 and 30 minutes for these visits.

During a residential visit, the Fire Safety Department will check, in particular, all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, portable fire extinguishers, heating systems, electrical installations, the presence of hazardous materials, and so forth.

If you are absent when the firefighter visits, a notice will be hung on your door and all you have to do is contact the Fire Safety Department to make an appointment.

Please note that the members of the firefighting team will be wearing their uniforms and will have an identity card from the Mont-Tremblant Fire Safety Department.