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Plead guilty and pay

Methods of payment accepted depend on the place where you make your payment.

In person at 1145 Rue de Saint-Jovite:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • All of the payment methods mentioned below

By mail:

  • Credit card
  • Postal money order
  • Personal cheque

By phone:

  • Credit card -- If it is a prepaid credit card, make sure that it is not a credit-debit card because our terminal does not accept them.Only the Canada Post offices have cards that we are sure our terminal accepts and for which you can choose the amount of the card; we reserve the right to refuse to process payment if it is done with numerous cards, e.g., five $50 cards.

Financial institutions:

  • Pre-authorised direct debit (only with an instalment of payments)
  • Bank transfer if you have an account with a participating financial institution through the option Bill Payment, but you need to be able to add the Ville de Mont-Tremblant, Summary offense tickets, to your list of accounts 
  • You may pay in in person at participating financial institutions including the caisses populaires.Financial institutions, however, are only authorized to accept payments made within 30 days of the serving of the statement of offence (constat). Other types of payments cannot be accepted because additional costs may be added after the 30-day deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: Click here (lien vers License suspension) if your driver’s license is suspended because of an unpaid fine in our court.