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Documents to provide

A rationale including…

Identification of the nature of the conditional use requested and, if appropriate, a description of the projected activities inherent in this latter

Identification of any other current usage or any other projected usage of the building, as well as all the uses inherent in these latter, if appropriate

A description of the area surrounding the building that is the object of the conditional use request as well as a full set of photographic views

Justification of the request based on criteria applicable to the present bylaw (in French).

A siting plan on a scale of 1/5,000 identifying…

The perimeter and positioning of said building and indicating, in particular:

The date, title, astronomic north and scale

The cadastral identification of the land which is the object of the conditional use request and the lands adjacent to the borders of the latter

The location of all parts of the land or construction where the conditional request use will take place

The location of existing uses of the land in question and the location of all buildings located within a 100-metre radius of the building referred to in the usage request.